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The Heart of Community

In this inaugural episode of “Heart of the Community,” the stage is set to tell the stories of rural artists who have weathered the pandemic storm to keep the arts beating in rural communities throughout the Northwest and West. Leaders from Pioneer Utility Resources and M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust join the show to discuss how this yearlong look at rural arts came to be.

The Show Must Go On

The pandemic could have easily dropped the curtain on its performances and activities, but the Columbia Gorge Orchestra Association (CGOA) had other ideas. Rallying an entire creative community, CGOA members met the challenge head on, not only finding fresh ways to perform, but also creating a sense of togetherness even when far apart.

The Music Goes On

When the pandemic stopped live musical performances, Alaska native Caitlin Warbelow created a virtual stage to support traditional musicians in sharing their love of music with a global online community. One musician really can make a difference.

Handcrafted Healing

As the pandemic took hold across the country last year, health care workers everywhere wrestled with a troubling contradiction: How could they create a sense of togetherness when all guidance told them to keep their distance? In the town of Walla Walla, Washington, an unexpected answer came in the form of simple art supplies. Local artists and health care workers would come together to deliver relief, hope and inspiration — all through the healing power of creativity. This episode was written by Drew Woolley. It's based on the story in Ruralite magazine by Vicki Miller.

Circles in the Sand

At Face Rock View Point in Bandon, Oregon, Denny Dyke and his team of volunteers draw labyrinths in the sand. The circles in the sand have helped many locals and tourists find peace and purpose during life’s uncertainties.

In Rhythm With Art and Science

In Monmouth, Oregon, Darryl Thomas and Valerie Bergman run Rainbow Dance Theatre, a modern dance company that incorporates lighting and projection effects into one-of-a-kind performances.

Highway 58 Herald

In Oakridge, Oregon, a group of volunteers led by Editor Doug Bates, coaxed out of retirement, began an online nonprofit journalism site after the local newspaper closed down.

Inspired by the Mountains

The Alaska mountain range is inaccessible to most people due to its ruggedness and remoteness. But for Klara Maisch and Leighan Falley, the harsh wilderness is their inspiration to create art and share Alaska’s beauty with others through paint.

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